I recently went to the Lakme Fashion Week and got to experience the amazing fashion moments firsthand. I have written about how to choose an outfit for the fashion week in a previous post that you can check here. (link it)In this one, I am going to share my outfits that I wore for the Lakme Fashion Week. Now, when we are going out to hang with our friends, we usually throw on jeans and a tee without putting too much thought into it. But when it is a special occasion, we spend a lot of time wondering what to wear, what accessories to pair it with, what shoes to wear, etc. So here a few things that you must consider before choosing an outfit for any special occasion. Personal StyleThe first thing you need to understand is your personal style as it reflects your taste the best. An outfit selected keeping in mind your style will help you be absolutely comfortable with what you wear.Trend AlertWhen it comes to a fashion event like Lakme Fashion Week, you might want to look at the hottest trends of the season. As everyone there will be totally on-trend, and you do not want to feel left out.


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