The teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment is about the profound shri krishna bhagwan ji ke bhajan awakening to evolutionarily enlightened consciousness and its manifestation and expression in the world. Enlightened consciousness by whatever name, is the movement of consciousness beyond the personal ego or narcissistic separate self-sense. Traditionally, in most of humanity’s great mystical schools, the attainment of enlightened awareness did not include being awake to evolution. Indeed, traditionally bhagwan krishna ji ke darshan in vrindavan Enlightenment meant something very specific: that one had awakened to the timeless, formless Ground of all Being. Typically spiritual aspirants discovered this profound dimension of consciousness through the experience of deep meditation. That meant letting go of compulsive identification with, and attachment to, thoughts and emotions, and by sinking slowly but surely into absolute non-activity. This happens when we slow down and cease compulsive thinking. Through focussed concentration we become both intensely still and profoundly awake. When, mathura vrindavan mein radhe radhe in this way, our attention begins to release.


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