You can write text in here that wont be spun, to Perhaps not all writers. Surely there are some who never face their content deadlines thinking, “This would be the perfect time to fake my own death.”Like those people who stay magically thin while consuming a steady diet of packaged cookies and beer, I don’t much want to hear from those people. Let’s talk about you and me, instead.This month, I asked our editorial team for their favorite techniques when they need a writing topic and there’s nothing bubbling at the moment.Here’s what they came up with:Brian Clark, Copyblogger founder and Rainmaker Digital CEORead. It almost doesn’t matter what it is, and it’s usually better if it’s not about content marketing or even business. I’ll end up finding some interesting fact or idea that I can connect with something I already know. That’s the spark that leads to an article topic.spin words or sentences use: description1 on each word you want to spin. Try and spin every 2nd or 3rd word.


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