Hitachi Capital invoice finance is one of the fastest growing invoice finance providers within the market today, having lent over £72 million worth of business finance to over 650 UK companies in 2014 alone.Whether you’re a start- up or a mature business, invoice finance allows you to release cash from unpaid invoices within 24 hours of them being raised, improving the flexibility of your cash flow and enabling you to grow at a much faster rate than before. Invoice Finance is a straightforward process, and it begins with you raising your invoice for goods or services as usual.Once you’ve raised the invoice, a copy is sent straight to us at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance.We will give you 85% of the invoice amount, normally within 24 hours, and the remaining 15% given to you once we’ve received full payment from your customer.With a wide range of award winning products Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance is able to offer financial solutions that match the economic constraints faced by businesses today.


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