In regards to medical translation, it describes a subcategory of scientific and technical translation, covering an extremely extensive and much broader field that is extremely difficult to dominate with a translator of the region, so be it specialized. In the branch of medicine, a health care provider should and must be updated just about every day, so a person specialized in medical translation, must certanly be on par with the update in the exact same way and still it will be impossible to perfect all areas included in medicine.A translator works together texts, and in this region it is really a topic along with complex, technical, complex, specialized, each of the areas is very extensive and related together, just to have an idea, we can indicate below texts related to the Medicine, by way of example, and constitute just a tiny section of everything that may be published in this area.1. Scientific articles, and discoveries in the medical area2. Articles in specialized journals in the medical area3. Media announcements for medical equipment (prosthetics, orthopedic, prophylactics, Oncology, among others)4. Media advertisements for medical materials (gloves, syringes, gauze, bandages, etc.)5. Advertisements in specialized press for supplements, vitamins, and medicines in general.6. Medical reports7. Specialized and scientific journals8. Books and texts of Divulgation 9. Specialized books in the medical area10. Medical certificates11. Prospects12. Récipes or Recipes13. Indications 14. Death certificates15. Degree ThesisEach text must be written with an alternative style and shape, everything is given by the functions and the format by which each one of these is issued, this as well as that each doctor or specialist who emits the writing has its idiosyncrasy, knowledge and writing style.Scientific and technical language seeks clarity above all, predominating scientific semantics.Normally, these articles that appear in specialized journals, are generally compiled by researchers to make known their discoveries, either in treatments, or in basic disciplines that broaden knowledge in pathologies, in treatments, new Surgical techniques in case of surgeons. If these texts are detailed, they follow a sample or format and include: Introduction, brief summary of knowledge in your community, exposure of the experiment or research, methods, including testing, equipment, results and conclusions. In case of medical translation, the translator must become familiar with the equivalent in the mark language.The medical area posseses an extremely wide and multidisciplinary field of knowledge, besides it is one of the sciences so these procedures are extremely rigorous in terms of research, analysis and verification, it follows that the terminology Its purely technical, scientific and medical, has words of related disciplines in the areas of biochemistry, microbiology, both with regards to health area as a result, as well as equipment, materials which are found in each area, which are advanced technology So they might need a technical language as well.


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