At the stage of additional sales, it is very important to train staff how to make pre-sales of a product, how to make a strong offer to a client that he cannot refuse.Additional sales can be made even when the customer has not bought the main product. How? - Watch this video to the end and find out!)Employees who are trained in pre-sales technology know exactly how to sell more and better, not imposing a product or service, but offering it in terms of benefits, building on customer needs.At this stage of sales (the “Additional Sales” stage), there is often nothing to assess during an audit.Few do something worthwhile with this. And, there is an opportunity to “screw in” or come up with a valuable offer - if we teach the Employees to do it.What kind of technology allows you to gently and with care sell more to the same Client / Buyer / Guest?🍦 SALES SKILL: “LOCOMOTIVE and WAGONS” - ​​how to sell more.There are already well-established concepts in the theory of additional sales: product (product) -lokomotiv product-car.As you might guess, the locomotive is going forward and it is pulling the wagons behind it.The cars are what we cling to the locomotive. By themselves, ca


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