Unfortunately this situation can happen in virtually any airline, overselling tickets for a flight, has turned into a common practice in airlines, because for no enterprise is profitable to travel or fly with a big quantity of empty seats, this really is the explanation for the oversold tickets and thus is performed the overbooking. Although the airline may have conducted a study of how many people fly in confirmed destination, it could happen that by overselling, all travelers attend, and, thats where theyre forced to deny access compared to that flight.So, ...What is overbooking?The overbooking or refusal of embarkation occurs once the airline sells more places compared to the aircraft has. It is a legal commercial practice, that will be permitted in the European Union and regulated by Regulation CE nº 261/2004.At what point does the overbooking occur?The times that airlines have calculated that will occur the overbooking would be the Friday night and Monday morning, since businessmen, they go home usually on a Friday night and on Monday morning they go back to the concrete business closing. So they have calculated that for routes which are used by businessmen its higher the possibility that event will occur, and its less feasible to occur in tourist routes.The airlines are allowed this practice, although not very frequent, usually happens occasionally, generating disorders and annoyances to the passengers afflicted with the known overbooking.This activity occurs when there is an oversale of tickets in a plane flight, thats, when the amount of passengers with confirmed reservation which are presented to carry out the billing, beforehand sufficient and within the full time established by the airline itself, is superior to the particular quantity of seats open to the aircraft, which translates into a refusal of the shipment to a traveler in the absence of sufficient capacity in the Quoted method of transport.The overbooking seems to locate its justification within the commercial freedom of the airlines, who are derived from statistical data that confirm the lot of passengers still booking a area for a certain flight dont make the trip, they try to cut back to the maximum the serious economic damage that involves making trips with empty seats in the aircraft and, after calculating the quantity of reserves they estimate could be cancelled in each route , offer to the general public more squares than existing seats in the plane, with the imminent danger that entails that finally such withdrawals of flight do not take place and that indeed, most of the reservations made are materialize.Can I be denied boarding in case of overbooking?Relating with Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 11 February 2004, applicable to all or any flights whose airport of origin is in the European Union, along with to those having as a starting place an airport in a third country to be directed to a Member State, so long as the airline has got the status of European , we could establish the task to follow along with any airline in case there is overbooking, along with the options, compensations or indemnities which have to provide to the passenger who sees denied his shipment; That is the following:– In the initial place, in case there is overbooking, the airline must seek from among all passengers those people who are prepared to voluntarily renounce their area for the main benefit of other travellers.


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